3 Ways to Sell Your House in Dallas

Did you know as a seller you have several options to sell your house. What method will you select to sell your home? This decision could mean the difference between your home lingering months on the market and becoming less and less attractive to buyers, all the while losing your money as each day passes. While the days pass and your profit on the sale dwindles, the stress level will be rising as well. The strain of not knowing when or if your home will sell can affect every aspect of your life. We will explore 3 ways to sell your house in Dallas, Tx.

An Agent

Traditional listings are one way to sell your house in Dallas. Many sellers are hesitant to pay the commissions and fees charged by real estate agents. However resistant they may be to the costs to list with an agent, the thought of letting someone else handle all of the paperwork, take legal risks, and negotiate on your behalf is a tempting convenience. A experienced Realtor® can usually get a higher sales price, which can off-sets the commission. No matter how you list your property, there will be marketing costs, professional staging, professional photography, inspections, and appraisals. There are likely to be repairs required as well, depending on the condition of the property.


Selling your property on your own, known as for sale by owner, is yet another way to sell your house in Dallas. For those willing to brave it on their own to save the commission, there is a great deal of work as well as the potential for legal risks. There are many laws governing the sale of real estate on a local, state, and federal level that you must familiarize yourself with before entering into this venture. Not may buyers would feel comfortable working without a real estate agent. You may have to offer the buyers Realtor® a fee to motivate them to show your house, cutting into the perceived savings. Not to mention the headache and time-consuming forms, showing the property and dealing with often insultingly low offers face to face with your potential buyer at the negotiating table.

Direct Sale

Ready to find out the best way to sell your house in Dallas? Why not find out if it is in your best interest to sell? We can discuss all of your options. We are your local iBuyer and offer fast cash closings, and the price we offer is the amount you will be paid! If you are ready to sell and want to avoid the stress and expenses, along with the multitude of unknowns with the other options, why not sell your home directly to us? We will answer your questions and help guide you through the process. Give me a call and we will take the time to listen to your circumstances and your future goals, advising you of which path to selling your home would work best for you, even if it is working with a real estate agent. Call us at 214.542.3241 today or send us a message to learn more!

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