5 Reasons for YOU to live in Richardson, TX!

There are many reasons to live in Richardson, TX. The City of Richardson is a flourishing community nestled within Dallas. It is home to extensive parks & trails, recreational facilities, community programs, strong green initiatives, a highly regarded education system and a growing workforce. Find a Home in Richardson


One of the most exciting parts of Richardson is their Festival lineup. Throughout the year the City hosts five festivals geared towards music, art and bringing together the community. The largest two are the Wildflower! Arts and Music festival, and the Cottonwood Arts Festival, each held in their own Galatyn and Cottonwood parks! These festivals not only showcase art but allow participation in contests for young adults and student artists to show off new work. Each event also has arts and craft activities for children of all ages to do while experiencing the music and food of the festivals.

                   Trails & Parks

The trails and parks in Richardson are incredible for the Dallas area nature lover. There are over 40 miles of trails to bike or run through and over 800 acres of parks and recreation facilities. Some of the largest in the area are the Spring Creek Nature Area, Owens Trail, and Duck Trail. The park and trail locations are spread throughout the city making them easy to access no matter which neighborhood you settle into. The Ann Eisemann playground is a community project.  It has  equipment not only for a range of ages, but for differently-abled citizens. As a result, any community member can have access and enjoy the park and its equipment.

                    Public Services

Public services in Richardson include an array of great essential programs. Among them are recycling & trash for households, their own fire and police department, public transportation and several Environmental Partnership Initiatives. The public transportation system provides an easily accessible option for families without cars, or commuters looking to make their environmental impact greener. There are already four existing DART rail stations, two more being built and a public bus service. The Environmental Partnership Initiatives focus on three key messages: Richardson Plants, Richardson Conserves and Richardson Informs. These initiatives have helped the community come together to plant wildflowers, establish community gardens, teach about recycling and encourage education that promotes environmental stewardship. 

                   Neighborhood & School System

Richardson’s highly regarded education system is wonderful for families looking to establish themselves in a thriving community. Richardson ISD serves more than 34,000 students. Educational facilities include four high schools, eight junior high schools, a freshman center, 41 elementary schools and one alternative-learning center. The school system has an average of twenty students per class allowing teachers to spend more time on individuals when teaching. Over 90% of  RISD become college-bound graduates. Lastly the University of Texas at Dallas is located in Richardson making the pursuit of quality higher education available in a great community.

                    Workforce & Dining

Richardson has one of the “highest concentrations of technology workers in the greater Dallas area, a 1.9 million total labor force within a 30-minute commute.” This high concentration of tech workers means stable salaries for all business sectors, and a thriving community and a variety of businesses.  Their contributions to the economy include patronizing local businesses, taxes that go to improving the community and shopping to stimulate local business. Richardson is home to Four Bullets Brewery, DFW Chinatown and over 120 dining experiences unique to the City. There is also the newly established City Line shopping center that has it’s own Whole Foods and ALoft hotel, plus multiple spa and restaurant options all in one place!

Richardson works hard to provide a unique, culturally rich community for its residents with outreach programs, green initiatives, outdoor entertainment options and fantastic festivals, making it one of the greatest places to start living in DFW!






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