Learn About the New Way of Selling Your Home in Dallas

This new way of selling your home has been called a paradigm shift because it provides a way to avoid being in the same spot you started from months down the road. It’s called the hybrid approach, which uses a combination of real estate agent and investor. And it offers sellers an option other than … Continued

How An Agent Will Calculate A CMA for Your House In Dallas

Real estate agents calculate a CMA – a comparative market analysis – to help determine the selling price of a house. To generate a CMA, your agent will compare the house to similar recently sold houses in the area, looking at active, recently sold, and expired listings for houses as similar to yours as possible. … Continued

Why You Need To Stage Your House in Dallas

Do you know only 10% of people have the ability to visualize an unfurnished home furnished?  According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, 40% of buyers’ agents said a staged property was effective in helping potential buyers envision themselves in the space and sold 1-5% higher than un-staged homes. You have heard … Continued