Questions to Ask Your Agent When Selling Your Dallas Home

Dallas is a very hot market these days. Most of the time, sellers show interest in only two agent questions:  How much money can I get for my house? A: How fast do you want to sell. And, How much will your commission be? A: You get what you pay for. Very few sellers ask questions beyond these two and usually end up hiring the first agent they come across or on the basis of appearance or gut feeling. The first conversion with an agent should be treated as a job interview with you, the seller, in the employer’s seat. When you approach it in that way, use these questions to ask your agent when selling your Dallas home.

What is your experience?

There are a ton of new and part-time Realtors® out there. Agents simply may not be all that forthcoming about their experience and track record, so you have to ask or search on-line. A home sale (and purchase) is usually the largest, most expensive transaction any of us will ever be involved in. Your agent, then, absolutely must have the requisite knowledge and experience. You will need an agent with enough experience under their belt to competently handle everything from listing to closing. Ask an agent what area do they Specialize in. If they say Dallas/Fort Worth or The Metroplex, RUN. Find an agent that is familiar with the area, local inventory, and local real estate trends.

Do your work with properties in this price range?

Now, while an agent may have plenty of experience, it may not be the kind of experience you need. They may not adapt to your selling situation. I can give you all your options to sell in any situation.  So one of the questions to ask your agent when selling your Dallas home should be about price-range knowledge, experience, and expertise.  As the price increases, the marketing should increase, because there are fewer people looking for homes in that price range. Your agent must be able to see the home you’re selling from the buyer’s perspective – and that, obviously, includes price. This kind of insight makes an agent a far better negotiator.

Do you represent one or both sides of the transaction?

This is one of the questions to ask your agent when selling your Dallas home many people overlook – often to their detriment. Many agents work only on the buying or selling side, but some work on both simultaneously.

Ask this question ahead of time to find out whether your agent could end up on both sides of the deal. Although it won’t necessarily represent a conflict of interests, such a situation could, nevertheless, be less than optimal for you as the seller. At the least, it could make you uncomfortable, never being sure whose interests the agent is really looking out for. At worst, it could result in less than the best deal for you because the agent also wanted commission and fees from the buyer. But forewarned is forearmed, so ask.

What is your marketing plan?

Even in this HOT market, marketing is everything. No matter how much real estate knowledge and experience an agent has, without a viable marketing plan, they will not do you much good. A sale takes marketing, so you need to know ahead of time how your agent plans to market your home.

And these days, it usually takes a lot more than sticking a few photos on the traditional listing sites. To achieve the necessary visibility for a speedy and profitable sale, your agent should be conversant with other, less-traditional marketing channels, such as Facebook and even Pinterest. Also, make sure to ask whether the agent has experience with setting up virtual tours, staging, photos for marketing purposes because these are becoming increasingly important for buyers. 

Selling your home can be a lengthy, frustrating process involving negotiations and various pitfalls. There is so much Nuance that goes in to writing a contract. Many times contract with the highest sales price is not the best offer in the stack – one selected using these questions to ask your agent when selling your Dallas home – it can be much smoother.

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